YUCOM lectured on the meeting organized by the Women’s Network for Nature and Environmental Protection


On June 24, 2023, YUCOM participated in the fourth meeting of the Women’s Network for Nature and Environmental Protection, held in Knić. During the event, Kristina Todorović, attorney at law from YUCOM, conducted a workshop titled “The Right to Activism: Legal Protection for Activists, Penalties, SLAPP, and other pressures”.

On that occasion she shared compelling real-life cases from her practice, where she represented numerous activists who had been unjustly accused. The workshop focused on highlighting the significance of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, while also shedding light on the various pressures that aim to suppress these fundamental rights, primarily through misdemeanor and SLAPP proceedings.

Several members of the network, who themselves had experienced varying degrees of pressure from political and economic entities, also contributed their insights and experiences. The gathering served as a reminder that SLAPP lawsuits have increasingly become a common tactic employed to exert pressure on activists in Serbia. Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the potential criminalization of activism due to the rejected Draft Law on Police. Nevertheless, it was emphasized that the conditions still exist for progressive action and meaningful assemblies, allowing activists to persist despite pressures in the form of misdemeanor and criminal charges.


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