YUCOM: A criminal charge for illegal bid was dismissed


The statement of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) specifies that after collecting information, prosecutor’s office concluded that – there is no legal basis for initiating criminal proceedings against any person, for any criminal offense prosecuted ex officio.

In prosecutor’s office it has been said that the submitter of criminal charges, which were rejected by the prosecution’s decision, is entitled to submit a complaint to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office within the period of eight days.

YUCOM recalls that the bid which was advertised in 2014, was eventually canceled due to misuse that a number of civil society organizations indicated to, while the money, instead for social services, was directed to the Children’s Rare Disease Fund.

On that occasion the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM, Civic Initiatives, Policy Center and the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability – CRTA filed a criminal complaint.

YUCOM stated that these organizations, regarding the dismissal of criminal charges, filed a request for access to information of public importance and the competent prosecutor’s office is sought for information on the procedure in this case as well as on all acts of collecting information that were undertaken.


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