Yucom 2017-18 Annual Report


Writing an editorial for YUCOM’s Annual Report has just become my delightful habit, and I already need to hand it over. From the first Annual Report that we had presented in 2013, our report has been the reason to line up, to gather at the end of the year and create topics overview that preoccupied us, as well as a list of the activities we performed. It is always an opportunity to summarize the trips around Serbia and the region, successes, to boast about a bit and, most importantly, to present how we helped citizens, how much legal advice was given, how many representation before the court we had. Since YUCOM has been established, a rough estimation is that over one hundred thousand citizens directly felt YUCOM’s kindness, and above all, thousands of citizens who, each year, since the first representation before the court and judgment from 1997 to the present day, have received free legal aid. There are also tens of thousands of our citizens who, during the 1990s did not want to participate to the wars, so they were amnestied based on the Law written by this organization, which has done everything to ensure its adoption as the first Law following the October 5’s changes in 2000, and then everyone who used conscientious objection.

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