YUCOM 2015 – Annual Report


Writing of the introduction for YUCOM’s annual report, as well as the introduction to the text which presents the overview of the status of human rights in the year behind us, is placed in the context of the situation in the media and TV programs which were cancelled during previous year, and which have left the mark on the media scene in Serbia. Thus, the ability of the journalists to open certain topics without pressure has decreased, which has lead to narrowing of the space for dialogue, and the journalists who used to direct first political or less political steps of many of us, were removed from the scene. We often did not agree with them, but we had discussions, polemics, corrected our own or other’s opinions. Therefore, we could use the concept of the television program Impression of the week (Ustisak nedelje) in order to present our activities from the previous year as the impressions of the year in the field of human rights.

We provide the overview of the status of human rights and report on the work of YUCOM, the organization which has been providing free legal aid for eighteen years, and has been addressed by more than six hounded citizens, with the request for solution of the problems they were facing, and to terminate or prevent breach of human rights.

Discrimination, domestic violence, failure to pay alimony, hate crimes, trails outside any, including reasonable time, are just some of the topics we have covered, as well as represented the parties before the courts and other state authorities including the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

YUCOM 2015 – Annual Report


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