Despite intense government and media stigmatisation, working together to protect the rights of citizens of Serbia, the House keeps sending the message that the civil sector is not divided.

Supporting civil society, Human Rights House Belgrade has a focus on economic and social rights, discrimination, hate crime, minority issues, and access to justice. The House supports human rights defenders, providing free legal aid in the first instance. It is also a leader in Serbia’s EU negotiation process, coordinating with the National Convention on the EU – the platform for discussion on Serbian accession – as a genuine civil society movement for reforms and further EU integration. The House celebrated Human Rights Day 2018 by highlighting the crucial work of journalists, while also warmly saluting the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection for his efforts. In December 2018, the House coordinated an action at Belgrade airport aiming to highlight the issue of media independence and citizens’ right to information. In response to the removal of publications critical of the Serbian government by Air Serbia staff, journalists together with defenders from Human Rights House Belgrade gathered at the airport to promote the “banned” publications.

Director Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights

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