Transitional Justice


A democratic society in Serbia is possible only if all causes and consequences of the crimes committed on our behalf in the wars led in former Yugoslavia are acknowledged and valued in a correct way. This means that the state and the political elite must clearly distance themselves from the crimes committed on Serbia’s behalf, thus sending an unambiguous message to the citizens about what represents socially unacceptable behavior. This goal will be achieved not only by punishing those who committed the crimes – which is the most important precondition – but also by not denying, justifying or glorifying crimes.

YUCOM stands for the pursuing of transitional justice by the following means:

  • pressure on the state and political elite, urging a breakup with the past;
  • seeking punishment for those who committed crimes against international law;
  • adopting declarations, resolutions and other documents through which the state takes a stand against the most traumatic events from the past – the Declaration on Srebrenica;
  • pressure on the state and the political elite to influence the citizens’ consciousness about the unacceptability of denial, justification and glorification of crime;
  • advocating the adoption of a law against racism, discrimination and hate crime;
  • advocating cooperation with the Hague Tribunal;
  • monitoring the trials of organized crime, war crimes and terrorism of national courts;
  • advocating the opening of secret files;
  • adoption of a law on classification of data and protection of personal information on democratic foundations; and
  • advocating lustration.

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