The procedure for the use of the Library of the House of Human Rights and Democracy:

Who can use this space?

The Library of the House of Human Rights and Democracy is available for use to all citizen groups, foundations, syndicates and active informal groups whose goals are the development of democracy and civic participation that which don’t endanger human rights. The space can also be used by other interested parties, national and local authorities and their institutions, media and donors if their activities are tied to citizen groups or the ambience in which these groups operate.

What are the space’s properties?

The library is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and, as an exception should it be required, organization networks and coalitions can use the space on weekends as well.

Library description:

  • area of 61 m2
  • acclimatized space
  • four tables (more depending on agreement and availability)
  • twenty chairs (more depending on agreement and availability)
  • toilet
  • small kitchen

The space is on the ground floor and is completely accessible to people in wheelchairs.

How to make reservations?

Applications for the use of the library must be filled out and sent to our e-mail address You can find the application form here. In the 24 hours after the application has been sent, the user/s will receive feedback on the availability of the library at the specified time. In case the library is occupied at the specified time, the applicant will be informed of the first time the library will be available after the time they’ve specified.

What are the obligations of the user/s?

The space must be left in the same condition as it was found. Otherwise, the user/s will be obligated to pay for damages and will forfeit the right to further use the space.

Other information

In case you have any further question concerning the use of the space, you can contact us at


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