Strengthening Personal Data Protection: Training and Panel Discussions in Novi Pazar


YUCOM recently conducted a training in Novi Pazar in collaboration with the institution of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Protection of Personal Data. This training was part of the “Strengthening Rule of Law in the Republic of Serbia” program and aimed to educate authorized individuals responsible for protecting personal data from over 40 public institutions in Novi Pazar.

Similar field training sessions are planned to be organized in 15 other local self-governments across Serbia. The goal is to familiarize personnel in public institutions with the current legal solutions in the EU and the Republic of Serbia regarding personal data protection, as well as to enhance their skills for the proper implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

As a part of the program, a panel discussion was organized the following day, which will also be held in other local self-government units involved in the project. These panel discussions aim to raise public awareness and inform citizens about the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, exploring opportunities for its better application. During these discussions, we met with personal data handlers, along with representatives from civil society organizations and the media who have shown interest in this topic.


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