Strengthening of the institute of Public hearing in the Parliament of Serbia – enhancing the role of the civil society


Project title: Strengthening of the institute of Public hearing in the Parliament of Serbia – enhancing the role of the civil society

Duration: Jun – November 2011

Donor: OSCE Mission to Serbia

OSCE Mission to Serbia

Objectives of the action:

1. Strengthening of the institute of Public Hearing in the Parliament of Serbia related to the laws of an interest to the civil society;
2. Enhancing the role of the civil society in parliamentary activities with special focus to public hearings;
3. Creating good practice in influencing law drafting procedures within the Parliament;
4. Creating an environment of trust between the civil society and relevant stakeholders within the Parliament.


1. Clearly defined rules that will enable higher participation and better representation of civil society in decision-making process within parliament.
2. Closed door meetings organised
3. Start-up analysis / Book of recommendations communicated and distributed to relevant stakeholders.
4. Organized conference


1. Setting a expert task force for CSOs participation in legislation development within the Parliament

By task force consisting of 4 experts and one expert assistant, YUCOM’s team had effective tool for setting up meetings and high quality analysis. Additionally 3 representatives of CSOs were included in meetings with relevant stakeholders.

2. Closed door meetings with relevant stakeholders

These meetings should have identified mechanisms that would enable higher participation and representation of Civil Society in the legislation development process, discussion and presentation of concrete areas of expertise of CSO.

3. Drafting and promoting of the Start-up analysis/Book of recommendations

Task force was drafting the Start-up analysis, based on all other activities.

The book of recommendations includes:

– concrete mechanisms for participation and wider inclusion of all relevant CS actors in the debate on the laws;
– elements of final evaluation; and
– good practice examples.

4. Round table on effectiveness of public hearing
Round table was organized on the 19th of March 2012. Preparation and organisation of the round table included both civil society and relevant stakeholders.


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