Regional Network – Enhancing the Rule of Law, Judiciary Reform and Fight Against Corruption


Project title: Institutional Support
Duration: July 2015 – December 2015
Donor: Partnership for Transparency Fund

About the project: The main aim is to create a rule of law network focused on fight against corruption in 4 countries that have common past and have EU integration process as common goal and common future.

Specific aims include: 1) Successful advocacy for laws and regulations related to fight against corruption as defined in the Chapter 23 in 4 countries; 2) Collecting data, specifically needed for the EU integration process, that will be evaluated by the European Commission. As an example – trial monitoring and its conclusions will be one of the data presented in the process; 3) Enhanced cooperation with law schools in the region on developing trial monitoring teams and teams for monitoring Chapter 23.; 4) Creating commitment of citizens and experts in monitoring fight against corruption, with special focus to the region; 5) Raising awareness on activities listed in the Chapter 23 as related to fight against corruption.


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