Velimir Petrović – Project Manager


Velimir is an accomplished Project Manager at YUCOM, providing comprehensive technical support to guide project activities and ensure their successful implementation in Serbia. As the Project Manager, he is responsible for overseeing project reporting in accordance with the requirements of the funding institution.
In addition to his project management expertise, Velimir possesses extensive experience as a skilled grant writer, successfully assisting numerous organizations in securing funds for important causes. He is driven by a genuine passion for helping organizations achieve their goals and has a proven track record of identifying and securing diverse funding sources.
Furthermore, Velimir has significant proficiency in developing grantee schemes and coordinating grantees’ project implementation. He ensures that grantees consistently meet performance targets and indicators while fulfilling reporting requirements and adhering to established standards.
One of Velimir’s notable strengths is his in-depth knowledge of Serbia’s government policies and strategies in the field of rule of law, human rights, and the judiciary sector. This expertise allows him to navigate the local landscape effectively and ensure alignment with relevant regulations and guidelines.
With his strong project management skills, grant writing expertise, commitment to driving organizational success, and deep understanding of Serbia’s legal and human rights landscape, Velimir is well-equipped to contribute to the growth and impact of YUCOM.


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