Tamara Blagojević


Tamara Blagojević is born on February 3rd, 1994. She finished the Gymnasium in Mladenovac in 2013 and  graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Belgrade University on the International law module in September 2017, where she enrolled same year on Master studies on the same module.

Due to her interest in HR protection, she attended the „Summer School on the ECHR“ under the auspices of the Council of Europe during which she participated in the trial simulation before the European Court of Human Rights. She also attended the Asylum legal clinic, during the migrant crisis and the Ant-itrafficking legal clinic, during master studies. Additionally, she volunteered in criminal departments of the Second and Third Basic Courts and lawyers office „Kopilovic and Kopilovic“. During master studies, she attended HR school „Vojin Dimitrijević“ within Belgrade Center for Human Rights, after which she begun volunteering in YUCOM, where she was included in the work of YUCOMs legal team and contributed for preparing publication „Processing of Hate crime and Hate speech in national legislation and European Standards“. While volunteering in YUCOM, she was occasionally included within the activities implemented by Belgrade Center for Human Rights. According to her chosen area of expertise on master studies, she participated in the trial simulation before the ICTY at the “International Conference on the Prosecution of Genocide in BiH” held in Sarajevo.

Besides Human Rights, she has also shown interest in Environmental and Arbitration Law, and is currently involved in analyzing national Labor legislation within the project “My WaY” for NGO ASTRA.


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