Natalija Šolić – Attorney at law


■ Natalija Šolić, born on May 3rd 1973, attorney-at-law, is engaged in YUCOM on protection of victims of human rights violation (especially the representatives of marginalized, minorities` groups, NGOs, and vulnerable groups – women and children) since 2002.
■ She is council before the domestic courts as well as before European Court for Human Rights. Before the national courts, she is specialized in the area of family relations, human trafficking, torture, defamation, insult, and deputies caused by discrimination conduct in the labour relations, sexual harassment ect. Before the ECHR, Natalija Solic is specialized for human rights violation of right to fair trial, right to effective remedy, right to family and private life.
■ She was participant of numerous trainings and conferences such as: seminar „European Union and Human Rights“, Belgarde, organized by OSCE & Belgarde Centre for Human Righs; specialed training on domestic violence, organized by “Incest Trauma Center“, Belgrade; specialized training on child abuse, “Incest Trauma Center“, Belgrade; conference on „Fight against human trafficking“, Greece, Athens, organized by KEPAD and Human Rights Defence Centre; conference on the Rights of People with Disabillities, Belgrade; seminar „ Standards in Public life“, London, UK, organiyed by the Balkan Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE); eegional Conference on „Slander and Freedom of speech“, Niš organized by YUCOM & Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.



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