Katarina Golubovic PHD – President


Dr Katarina Golubovic (born Jozic) was admitted to the PhD degree with merits in 2015 at the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade on the subject “European equity standards in administrative legislature and practice”. In 2008 she completed her post-graduate master studies at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade with an average grade of 10.

Katarina Golubovic authored several original science articles and chapters in scientific monographs both independently as well as in cooperation with other authors. She is a researcher in faculty research projects of the Ministry of education, science and technological development as well as the research projects of the Judicial Academy. She is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association since 2007 and has practiced law since 2009. She specialized in representation before the Constitutional Court of RS. Important decisions in which she advocated the need for change in legal legislature were published in RS’s Official Gazette.

She is an active member of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights since 2005, and has presided over its Program Committee since 2010. She was engaged in projects supported by the UN, Council of Europe, European Union, World Bank and OSCE which were aimed to harmonize Serbia’s legal framework with international and European standards and to ensure the implementation of those standards in practice. She was involved in the creation of numerous manuals professional articles based on empirical research, legal analysis of international and European standards and Serbia’s regulations. She is a member of Lex Forum’s editorial board. She was a lecturer at numerous seminars whose participants were representatives of the judiciary, civil servants and civil society representatives. She actively cooperates with the Belgrade Open School, where she holds lectures on public administration, human rights and the EU ascension process. She is a member of the National Team for the Prevention of Torture since 2013, where she oversees the implementation of Council of Europe’s standards with regards to detainment in correctional facilities. Reports on this subject are published frequently. She also cooperates with independent institutions (in 2015, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality’s Office), for the most part in a lecturing capacity. She is involved in the projects of the Judiciary Academy as a researcher and lecturer since 2014.

Katarina Golubovic has, in the capacity of lecturer and participant, participated in many scientific and professional assemblies, summer schools and seminars, most prominent among which were: “European Union and Legal Reform” summer school organized by the Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development (CCSDD) and the Faculty of Law in Belgrade and held in Igalo in 2013; international workshop “CRPD optional protocol litigation workshop” organized by the Mental Disability Advocacy Center in Budapest in 2010; international seminar “Boundries of EU Law After the Lisbon Treaty” organized by Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law – University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik 2009; international course “Geneva Training Course – Treaty Monitoring Bodies” organized by the International Service for Human Rights parallel with the 41st session of the Committee Against Torture and the Committee for economic, social and cultural rights held in Geneva in 2008; international workshop “Examples of good practice in the field of fight against people trafficking”, Istanbul 23-27 September 2008, organized by the ARIADNE network and held in Istanbul in 2008.

e-mail: k.golubovic@yucom.org.rs


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