Julia Tétrault – Provencher


Julia was born in the province of Québec (Canada) and she completed a LL.B in Law at Laval University where she had the chance to volunteer for the International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic of her faculty on various cases, including the prosecution of Rwandan’s genocide war criminalsShe also participated to the translation of the 2017 up-dated commentaries of the Second Geneva Convention for the International Committee of the Red-Cross, under the supervision of Professor Julia Grignon. As a mandatory condition to become a lawyer, she articled during six months at the United Nations Development Program, in New York, where she had the opportunity to draft legal advice to the organization on how to best implement its policies in region where the rule of law is challenged. She was called to the Quebec Bar in September 2018.

She is currently enrolled in the Young Lawyers International Program of the Canadian Bar Association where she had the opportunity to complete an internship of six months at YUCOM and further develop her knowledge on human rights defense and advocacy.


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