Aleksandra Stojanov


Aleksandra Stojanov was born in Belgrade on July 6th 1990.She graduated from the First Belgrade Highschool. She is currently a 4th year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade – international law section. In 2014 she attended a Legal clinic on the supression of people trafficing at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, where she aquired an interest for human rights and their protection. After gaining theoretical knowledge in this field she partook in a training programm for jusits organized by NGO Astra, where she was tought how to monitor criminal trials for people trafficing. She is currently a researcher-associate with Astra. She is an intern at YUCOM since May 2015 where she was furher engrossed in the subjects of discrimination, minority rights, as well as women and children’s rights. She is an attendant of the Youth board for education programm and Civil rights defenders – Defenders of minority rights 2015. Activities in this project are still ahead of her. Alexandra speaks English and has a fuctional knowledge of Russsian.


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