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The project “Open Parliament” at the national and local levels implement joint initiative of civil society organizations consisting of CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability in Belgrade, the National Coalition for decentralization based in Niš, YUCOM – Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights from Belgrade and SeConS – Development Initiative Group from Belgrade.

The main objective of the project “Open Parliament” is to increase the transparency of Parliament, to inform citizens about the work of the parliament and to establish regular communication between citizens and their elected representatives. His work is based on the values contained in the International Declaration on the openness of parliaments in which development Open Parliament also participated.

The MPs in the National Assembly represent the interests of citizens. In the framework of the Open Parliament project, the instrument for monitoring the work of MPs is created- This is where transcripts of parliamentary sessions, various analyzes of laws and amendments, as well as recommendations to improve the transparency of Parliament, and improved communication between citizens and their representatives will be posted.
Through the series of street actions, through direct communication with citizens, we will inform them about the ways in which they can demand responsible behavior from their representatives in parliament.


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