Monitoring of representation of Serbia to OSCE Mission


The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights is participating in the monitoring of the representation of Serbia to OSCE with regards to the human aspect of OSCE, with the goal to actively contribute to human security of the citizens of Serbia.

Human aspect refers to the broader concept of security within OSCE which also includes the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic standards.

YUCOM was among the first five NGOs that were chosen to participate in the recently held Parallel OSCE civil society conference at which Serbia’s problems in this domain were discussed and where the issues that require special attention during its presidency have been underlined. Based on these discussions, the non-government sector recognized discrimination, protection of human rights activists, especially for the rights of the LGBT population, national minority status as well as the freedom of the media and freedom of expression as key issues.

YUCOM is the signatory of the Memorandum on Cooperation with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, the Center for the Research of Public Policy, Humanitarian Law Center and the Forum for Ethnic Relations, which established the cooperation of these organizations during Serbia’s presidency over OSCE and their reporting on the fields selected for self-evaluation of the honoring of OSCE’s recommendations for Serbia. These organizations have pledged to regularly and thoroughly monitor key fields and advocate for improvements in 2015.

The aim of this wider network is to, through cooperation with domestic structures as well as the OSCE during the presidency, influence the resolving of issues which have been identified as priorities over the course of the presidency over OSCE and also to use the possibilities offered by the governing of this Organization for the implementation of the duties in the field of the human aspect of OSCE in Serbia.

As their contribution to the process of self-evaluation of these duties, the members of the coalition have expressed their views and recommendations.



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