Monitoring of inclusive education and prosecution of discrimination


Project title: Monitoring of inclusive education and prosecution of discrimination

Duration: June 2016 – May 2017

Partners: Association for Development of Children and Youth – Open Club

Donor: Open Society Foundation Serbia

About the project: The overall objective is to promote and protect the rights of the child on quality education by organizing the monitoring and implementation of procedures to identify and report cases of discrimination and other violations of children’s rights in education.

The project is realized through the collective work of 5 organizations from the Coalition, which deal with children’s rights and parent empowerment, as well as YUCOM that deals with human rights protection. The methodology of operation is adjusted towards target groups and includes: a) panel discussions with parents and representatives of key national and local institutions and bodies that are in charge of preventing and processing discrimination and IE itself, with the aim of lobbying relevant institutions and exchanging information on the implementation of the new Rulebook and prevention of discrimination in schools, b) meetings with parents (parent councils) and representatives of schools in smaller towns and rural areas where participants will be introduced to the Rulebook and measures for preventing discrimination, with the screening of an animated film, c) an mobile application that will be available to all interested users, especially children and young people who are the biggest users of smartphones, d) promotional handouts of the Guide as a short instructional booklet on recognizing and processing discrimination in the education system, e) screening of short animated film via all available channels of communication, f) talks with parents regarding identifying cases of discrimination and taking appropriate measures in order to prevent future cases, g) advocating the necessity of enacting a new Rulebook on procedures in discrimination cases in schools, h) provision of free legal aid to victims of discrimination in schools, i) cooperating and providing support to the Commissioner for Protection of Equality institution through collective work on significant cases, as well as their presence at workshops and trainings, j) leading a constant media campaign via all information and online media (online newspapers, websites, social media, etc.), with reports on activities and urgent cases, h) holding 5 trainings for teachers and school administrations in 5 cities in Serbia, k) identifying and processing 10 cases of discrimination in educational institutions, l) identifying 5 strategic cases of discrimination in schools that have the potential to, through their promotion in the media, contribute to raising awareness on the problems of IE in the educational system of Serbia.



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