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Scope of legal aid provided by the YUCOM Legal Aid Office

In principle, the scope of legal aid provided by YUCOM Legal Aid is defined according to subjective criteria by determining target groups and the subject that which performs the violation, and according to objective criteria related to the field in which the legal aid is given.

In 2011 YUCOM will put emphasis on cases of torture, violence in the family, discrimination and other areas where gross violations of human rights occur in Serbia.

YUCOM is providing legal aid in coordination with other legal aid providers, such as CHRIS network, Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Coalition against Discrimination and other organisations dealing with Human Rights.

Legal areas for providing legal aid

Legal aid is provided in areas of human rights violations, pertaining to solving status issues and to stop the violation. YUCOM’s lawyers implement provisions of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, Law on ban of discrimination, Law on foreigners, Law on asylum, as well as other regulations which sanction HR violation (Penal code, etc.).

Forms of providing legal aid

In accordance with the methodology, there are 3 forms of providing legal aid:

  1. verbal form (legal advice)
  2. submitting petitions for the fulfillment of rights in an administrative procedure
  3. representation before court – litigation before Serbian courts and international courts.

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