Legal Aid and Rule of Law


The activities of the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights are aimed at the realization of the principle of rule of law and democratic values in Serbia.

Through its legal aid, YUCOM is leading strategic cases before Serbian and international courts in order to help us find and target errors within the system in Serbia related to human rights violations.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

  • creating draft laws and other legal regulations;
  • advocating for the adoption of laws and other legal regulations;
  • examining the legality and legitimacy of existing regulations by means of bringing up the issue of constitutionality of laws and other regulations and the legality of decrees;
  • monitoring the implementation of existing laws and regulations;
  • pressure on the state to respect obligations stemming from domestic and international regulations;
  • constructive criticism of authorities;
  • control of the public work of politicians; and
  • last but not the least – advocating independent judiciary.

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