KSPAG holds 4th Steering Committee Meeting


The Kosovo and Serbia Civil Society Organizations have held a regular Consortium meeting discussing achievements of the implemented activities related to promoting and communicating the benefits of the technical agreements of the Pristina-Belgrade technical dialogue.


The KSPAG Steering Committee members have presented detailed analysis of the activities’ outcomes, which includes direct meetings with citizens and professionals and published media analysis/op-ed, on how the results have been met, citizens’ experiences have been heard and to which extent the public is informed about the possibilities that technical agreements offer to their everyday life.


“The activities provided an insight to citizens and interest groups on what concrete benefits from the technical dialogue agreements between Belgrade and Pristina are and they enhanced the debate on how to use this platform for better communication and interaction among all actors in society”, the KSPAG members stated.


The organizations from Serbia and Kosovo in discussing the challenges in the public opinioned activities and influence of the publications, analyzed their contribution in public debate with citizens and interest groups.


The KSPAG analyzed opportunities for the future activities and how to proceed with the lessons learned.


This activity was financially supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo. The content derived from the meeting is the sole responsibility of Kosovo-Serbia Policy Advocacy Group Consortium and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.



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