Independent Journalism for Independent Judiciary


Project title: Independent Journalism for Independent Judiciary – Investigative Journalism and Rule of Law in Criminal Proceedings

Duration: January 2016 – June 2017

Partners: Vranjske Weekly

Donor: European Union

About the project: Vranjske weekly in cooperation with the Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights – YUCOM is implementing the project Independent Journalism for Independent Judiciary that is financed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

One of the main challenges of reforming the judiciary, that began in 2006, is still the independence of the justice system. Efficiency in achieving court justice, as one of the rule of law pillars, is a basic prerequisite for the judicial system’s immunity to political influence, consistency in work, and all in interest of all citizens. The basic goal of the project is to contribute to raising awareness among citizens on the significance of rule of law in the justice system (and better understanding of its functioning). By creating public pressure on relevant institutions, we will point to potential problems in certain criminal proceedings for the purpose of consistent respect of rule of law principles, in line with judiciary reform that is necessary, among others due to the opening of Chapter 23 in Serbia’s European integration process.

Vranjske and YUCOM have gathered a natural alliance of media and civil society organizations in the common task of monitoring the work of state bodies and the justice system as the basic levers of government. Investigative reporting on criminal proceedings, strengthened by expert legal support, encouraging public pressure, will contribute to securing the necessary monitoring of the justice system’s work that is in line with principles of rule of law.

By reporting on criminal proceedings in Vranje, Prijepolje, Kikinda and Loznica, local examples will be analyzed and, at the same time, data will be collected for comparative analysis and a set of recommendations in order to identify problems on a national level in implementing criminal proceedings and to recommend their possible solutions.

The project will be realized with the inclusion of journalists and editors of local media outlets: PolimljeLozničke and Kikindske.

EUThe project Independent Journalism for Independent Judiciary is financed by the European Union within the Media Program 2014. The content of this text and opinions expressed in them are the sole responsibility of the Vranjske, Polimlje, Kikindske, Lozničke weeklies and YUCOM and do not reflect the opinions and stance of the European Union.


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