Human Rights and Democracy Violation Early Warning Weekly Newsletter No. 31-Hate Speech No. 4


Hate Speech and Proclamation of the Srebrenica Memorial Day by the European Parliament

On January 15, the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with 556 votes in favor and 9 against, adopted the resolution which officially proclaimed July 11th Day of Commemoration of the Srebrenica Massacre Victims (LINK). The Resolution was adopted following a motion by Jelko Kacin, Slovenian MEP and rapporteur for Serbia. The text of the Resolution: „With this resolution, the EP calls on the European Commission and the Council to commemorate appropriately the anniversary of the Srebrenica-Potočari act of genocide and to call on all the countries of the western Balkans countries to also mark July 11th as the date of commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide”, adding that the crime in Srebrenica was the biggest war crime in Europe after World War II, which took the life of 8,000 men and that the persons most responsible were Ratko Mladić, Radislav Krstić and Radovan Karadžić.

On that occasion, Jelko Kacin also said: “I believe that Serbia is willing and ready to debate in parliament and to adopt this resolution“, as well as that Srebrenica as a symbol of suffering of innocent people has to become a part of textbooks and the collective consciousness of Europe.

There was practically no parliamentary debate on the Resolution because the standpoints of all party group were synchronized during the making of the joint statement. It states, inter alia, that the institutionalization of a day of remembrance is the best means of paying tribute to the victims of the massacre and sending a clear message to future generations.
The EU Resolution was subject of reactions by several Serbian politicians. As reported by the influential Politika daily, only Nataša Mićić, Vice President of the Liberal Democratic Party, clearly supported the Srebrenica Resolution, with no reservations, stating that “it is sad that European Parliament adopted this Resolution before Serbia did“, because Serbia „holds responsibility for the Srebrenica genocide“ and that „it is a negative occurrence that here (in Serbia) there is no awareness about the fact that it is necessary that we institutionally condemn it through the parliament“.

Jelena Trivan, spokesperson of the ruling Democratic Party, on the other hand, stated: “It is our opinion that all ware crimes on all sides and against all victims must be punished and, of course, honored as a form of commemoration of something that cannot be repeated. In that sense, Srebrenica, but also ‘Oluja ’ to Serbs, or some other crimes, have to be treated the same way and the perpetrators need to be sentenced by the Hague Tribunal and the domestic legislature, in a criminal sense, but also in a historical sense. I want to believe that this is only the beginning and that Srebrenica is not the only crime which will have this kind of attention.“

Miloš Aligrudić, Vice President of the Democratic Party of Serbia, reacted almost identically: “All crimes committed during war operations on the territory of former Yugoslavia need to be condemned. Certainly, all victims need to be remembered. The only thing that could perhaps cause a dilemma is that by imposing one horrible crime, it implicates that there were no others, as if there were no crimes against other nationalities committed by other sides.“

Borislav Pelević, high official of the Serbian Progressive Party, former closest associate of war criminal Željko Ražnatović-Arkan, a general in Arkan’s para-military unit and Vice President of his Serbian Unity Party stated: “If a day of commemorating victims is recognized, it should be equally dedicated to the Muslim and the Serbian peoples. International humanitarian organizations have undoubtedly determined that 3,110 people were killed in Srebrenica and that, other than rare exceptions, they were men-soldiers.“

Andrej Nosov, Chairman of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights NGO: “The decision of the EP is good because that way Europe confronts its own responsibility for the Srebrenica genocide… It is an opportunity for us in the Balkans, especially for Serbia, to reevaluate the relationship towards our memory. Because this day of remembrance also implies that we never forget all crimes from the armed conflicts on the territory of former Yugoslavia. And Srebrenica certainly represents the most monstrous crime in Europe after World War II“.

Considering these statements by politicians, both from ruling and opposition parties, that are, almost without exception, based on denial of the Srebrenica genocide and represent an unscrupulously trade with Serbian victims, which in its essence represents hate speech, i.e. justification of crime, one should not be surprised with reactions (a record of 205 comments) of Politika readers . Anyway, the question remains: what has the Serbian elite, led by President Boris Tadić done regarding the obligation of Serbia after the verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the indictment of Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Serbia, in order to avoid a situation in which, two years after this verdict, we witness such an eruption of hate speech in the most influential daily paper which is still partially state-owned by readers who are indoctrinated by the same elite.

We will point out only the most characteristic outbursts of hate and stereotype which deny, reduce or even glorify this crime:

“’I would like to underline that this resolution was not designed against Serbs, but as a German I can understand that Serbs feel guilt for what happened in Srebrenica ’. I will feel guilty only when they vote for a day of remembrance of the killed Serbs. If they really would want a reconciliation, they would do that. Until it happens, reconciliation is impossible. “

“Why didn’t they talk about the NATO bombing?! Why don’t they talk about the oppression of the Palestinians but only about Srebrenica!?“

”Doris Pack is wrong when making a parallel between Serbia and Germany. There can also be no parallel between Serbs and Germans! Germans, Slovenians, Croats and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina should stand up before pronouncing the name of Serbia!“

”If we want to join the EU we will have to respect the decision of the EP and remember the killed Muslim soldiers on every July 11. I don’t justify crime and everybody who committed a crime should be held responsible, but the Hague court did not prove that it was just and without double standards. 8000? Who exactly rounded up this number? The remains of 3000 bodies were found and most of them were men, I am not saying they all were soldiers, but 90% belonged to the army of Naser Oric and the Muslim forces. We should remember the terror by those Muslim forces which preceded, when according to information which included full names, 3500 Serbs were liquidated. “

“Jelko Kacin should clean up his own backyard and remember the liquidation of the hundreds of young men in Slovenia . That crime is all the more monstrous because it wasn’t preceded by any crime against Slovenians. I am not surprised that such an initiative comes from a people that enthusiastically welcomed Hitler in Maribor. They have a dirty conscience for all the evils they committed in the Balkan representing German interests.“

“A disgrace! I don’t justify any crime ever committed against any living, moving creature… but this exceeded all bounds and good taste! No one is counting the dead Serbs. … At some future meeting, will the European humanitarians proclaim August 8th as day of remembrance of Serbian refugee rows? No! And you, Serbia, just keep on pushing through the rows of the depraved for the alleged entry into the European world of prosperity.”

“European Parliament will do everything in order to give a certain dose of justification and legitimacy to the BOMBING CAMPAIGN of America and its coalition partners from the EU, who actively took part in the JOINT CRIMINAL PROJECT IN SERBIA. The most eminent executors of this crime, which Serbs are still not allowed to call a crime, were rewarded with money, promotions, recognitions and Nobel prizes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the EP decides to proclaim the beginning of the bombing campaign, cynically named „Angel of Mercy“, a holiday. It is interesting that Serbs aren’t mentioned and counted as victims“

“There is no end to European hypocrisy and anti-Serbdom!”

“One more reason for us to stay away from the so-called EU, designed to destroy Slavism and rob everything else. Wake up, Serbs, and stick to your customs, faith, nation and country. “

“As of today, no honorable Serb can shake Kacin’s hand. “

“No end to the hypocrisy of Europe which is haunted by crimes from the past and the present so it is a form of relaxation for them to cure their frustrations and crimes by using Serbs as the usual suspects for all evils of Europe… Serbian victims don’t deserve attention. Because they were predestined to oblivion as collateral damage of the hypocritical Europe. “

“Jasenovac, Gradiška, Jadovno, Glina, Prebilovci, Banjica, Kragujevac, and finally, Milići, Kravica …. and many other uncountable places of execution of the Serbian martyr people which hold the number of 2,000,000 victims. Did this Europe ever mention those victims which were undoubtedly innocent and unarmed civilians?! The severity of the crime isn’t measured only by the number of victims, but, first and foremost, by motive and circumstances under which the crime happened, as well as the manner of the victims’ execution. Everybody knows that the crime in Srebrenica happened as retaliation for the cruelest crimes committed by Muslim forces led by Naser Orić, who in a most monstrous manner killed over 3,000 Serbian civilians in the Srebrenica area …As a Serb, I don’t feel any responsibility whatsoever for what happened in Srebrenica and I will teach my children the same. No textbook will manage to brainwash them! … Serbia is completely clean and has no reason to apologize to anyone!“

“ … Serbs are branded for eternity, for the sake of Euro-Atlantic integrations.“

”How to cover up your own crimes the easiest the European Union and its protégés like Kacin, Pack and their likes are the Serbs’ open enemies whose hatred is based on racism. A Serb will never be a part of the EU, even if Serbia decides so. If he is there, it is because he is a slave. It’s no shame to be a slave, but it has its expiration date. “

“This is so nice to read: The EU proclaims Srebrenica (commemoration day); What a story; what a brainwash. And who are those who did it? Jews, Croats or maybe Catholics. What’s the story; who are those who make the Serbs’ destiny? Where are Jasenovac, Nova Gradiska etc. If you look at it, Hitler was nothing compared to the Americans and the Jews; what is their part in the whole story …?“

“I’ve read everything I could about Srebrenica and I don’t have a clear picture at all of what really happened there. The shouting and screaming that „eight thousand men and boys“ were shot there seems so incredible that it looks like plain anti-Serbian propaganda. It’s clear that there were war crimes committed by Serbs (as well as by Muslims and Croats), but eight thousand at once? And how is it possible to liquidate that many armed people? They found only less than two thousand bodies (including Serbs) and it turned out that around four hundred were actually shot wile the rest of them died in combat or by artillery fire..“

“If this is a way for reconciliation, looking at everything which can be confirmed with certainty, than those people are either completely crazy or we don’t understand the process of reconciliation. According to this resolution, we should accept a naked lie. Who can agree to that, shame on them.“

“Incredible – they say that we and World War II Germans are the same; us who were imprisoned in the most monstrous camp ever made! Locked down and killed in a most brutal way by those who are now „the victims“!

“Why this EP?. And all those European parliamentarians? They are such humanitarians and human rights defenders all around the world. They didn’t remember Palestine and adopt a resolution… While all that is going on in Palestine. Those European humanitarians quietly observe. But they did remember to proclaim a day of commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide.“

“We want to join the EU. And what have they done, now when they present themselves as our friends, to welcome us. Just one condition after the other and some groundless resolutions. …The West has always destroyed the orthodox world: crusades, breaking of Byzantium, no help during the fight against the Osmanic conquests, imperialism, Napoleon, World War I, World War II, breaking of SFRY (the civil war which took place during World War II, as well), bombing Serbia without the authorization of the UN Security Council, violations of international law for the needs of the western forces. …What made this West better than us during SFRY? They could only be envious. That is why they have destroyed us!“

“’The history’ of the breakup of Yugoslavia was written by those who prepared the whole catastrophe and with the long-term goal that the peoples who live here never reconcile. The biggest evil for them would be the creation of another Southern Slavic federation… Ask yourself how come that many MEP’s voted for such a resolution without any debate, and you will get the picture of the ’democracy’ that we want to become a part of. After this, I really don’t know who can we cooperate with, except if we admit we are guilty for all crimes in World War II and unburden the conscience of Mrs. Pack.“

“Now when the truth about Srebrenica is starting to show, someone remembered that new snow is needed in order to cover up the tracks which they left behind. …And when you hear the name of Doris Pack, right away you realize what kind of kitchen we are dealing with here. Unfortunately for them, a vast majority of Serbs (in spite of the relentless campaign of every possible organization to persuade us the opposite) knows that ’Srebrenica’ is not really what Doris Pack & Co. are serving us. “

“There is an obvious anti-Serbian hysteria going on in Europe. They keep on increasing the number of alleged victims. Maybe in a couple of years there will be 20,000 Srebrenica victims. Lies, deceptions and twisting of history are supposed to become the truth. ’A lie repeated 1000 times becomes the truth’ – Goebbels. I would recommend to Mr. Nosov to criticize the most monstrous crimes of his compatriots in Gaza today.“

“I have been to Germany recently, Mrs. Pack. Your cities are filled with Turks, Shiptars and Arabs. As the old saying goes: ’There is a god’ You are so rotten that you will vanish. And there will still be us, Serbs – not so many, but we will survive. “

“Who else did you expect this nonsense from other than the Slovenians whose products we buy to thank them for their ’kindness’. How can Serbs be persuaded to remember their victims from many wars before buying Slovenian products.“

“Bravo, now we have to establish closer ties to SLOVENIA. Slovenians are the wisest, most noble people in the Balkan, they make the bed both for Croatia and Serbia. It serves us right, because the Croats are boycotting their products, and what about us SERBS?“

“The Srebrenica Resolution was initiated by the war criminal Jelko Kacin, propaganda minister during the war in Slovenia… after everything that happened in the Hague courtroom, the acquittal of Naser Orić, the EP adopts a resolution like this, which represents a true Nazi decree against the Serbian people.“

“What is the Europe that we are racing to become a part of, a Europe of manipulated mediocrities full of lies and deception. Only after reading the readers’ comments, I realize that there are still some reasonable people left here!!!“

“A lie repeated many times becomes the truth.”

“This is a very good occasion that the Serbian public reevaluates its standpoint on the joining of EU. Do we really want that? Do we want to always be somebody’s ’usual suspects’? We cannot forbid the EU to proclaim a day of remembrance to anything they want, it’s their business, but do we want that, as well?“

“Jelko Kacin should have started with Slovenia and Slovenians and present the EP with crimes which they committed against unarmed JNA soldiers and their state Yugoslavia, because Slovenia, too, if I remember correctly, was part of Yugoslavia. This is not a surprise coming from them because we have seen how malicious and hypocritical they are. Slovenians are the most responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia because they first started the war, a war against the state they were a member of. I cannot understand how Serbian politicians allowed Slovenians to buy a vast number of companies for cheap in Serbia, and we all know what they have been doing to us these last years and still are doing and thinking… Kudos to the Bulgarian MEP Mr. Dimitar Stoyanov for his righteous motion. If at least the half of that bulky community were like Mr. Stoyanov, we could count on justice. “

“In a same way, they now murder us, survivors, and the killers are coming from the EU, again from Triglav, but this time to Brussels and so on. If we Serbs were really the way they are presenting us, I would kill myself. “

“NOW SERBIA AND REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA SHOULD PROCLAIM JULY 11 THE GREATEST HOLIDAY!!!!! Just like the EU proclaimed the day of remembrance, to see their reactions. “

“… The person who moved for the resolution in EP is the same Jelko Kacin who was one of the most active instigators of the misfortune and wars in the Balkan. …We should thank the peacemaker Kacin for all he has done looking in other people’s backyards. It’s a crime what he has done at the beginning of the Balkan crisis, but also what he is doing now. “

“EP and the EU are showing their true face and true intentions. Kacin is only a advocate of Serb-haters and this motion of his is a continuation of the propaganda campaign that he started against Serbia back in 1991 …in which he surpassed far more ’famous’ predecessors from World War II. If the EU recognizes only victims on one side, if they condemn only crimes on one side, which is confirmed in the Hague, if it actually exaggerates the number of victims caused by Serbian forces, then this process has no good intentions and goes to show that the EU is accepting us only as much as we accept its blackmail and obedience. So, one should ask the following question: Why do we want to join the EU so much and what can we expect from it? How can we join Europe, which destroyed and killed us, which plunders us and robs us of our territory, which has double standards in measuring the guilt when it comes to Serbia and Serbs, which blackmails us, sanctions us, conditions us and exhausts us. …“

“There is really no end to the Slovenians’ Serb complex! …“

“Human life is the most important. No one, no one at all, has the right to take any life. Every such act is a crime and deserves condemnation. But no one has the right to say that taking the life of a Muslim is a bigger crime than taking the life of a Christian, even it is a Serb. Srebrenica and Kragujevac are not the same. Serbs are not the same as Germans.“

“Will someone ever be held responsible for the crimes committed against the Serbian people, both in the Srebrenica area as well as the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia?? Crimes and criminals should be condemned, but on all sides. Until then, this is another attempt to shift the blame only on one side. Why did they adopt this proclamation at this moment?? Why do they mention crimes only when they need to realize some dirty political goals??“

“I’m sorry that no one is proclaiming a day of remembrance of all the SERBS who were killed by Croats, Mujahideen and Albanian terrorists. If we would add up how many Serbs were killed and went missing during the 1990s, we would come to a number three times bigger than Srebrenica. …All the arguments show how much we are – I can freely use this word, HATED – by some of our neighbors, and we are still naive and crazy so we go to the Croatian seaside, offer the Bosnians gas like we have plenty of it…“

“The role of the Nazi descendants in the breaking of SFRY, altering the broders of the Balkans and exterminate everything that is Serbian must be hidden and erased from memory. In order to achieve that, the indifferent people of the EU and America should be provided with satisfaction, by finding another culprit. The monstrous lies should be repeated day by day, thus making the victim into the culprit of all misfortunes which follow the EU and the western world. The newly assembled history should be written in textbooks and the children planted with the consciousness about the historical guilt and genocidal nature of the Serbian people. …Serbs will never accept the guilt for the Srebrenica crime while the ’truth’ about it is based on a satanic lie about 8,000 murdered civilians, whereas the previous crime against 3,500 Serbs isn’t mentioned at all!“

“I hope that this and similar decisions made Serbs realize for the umpteenth time what it thinks of them and what awaits them if they are ever accepted into the EU. …The people are being served lies about the prosperity which awaits them after joining the EU. No, my brothers, your joining will take 20 years and by then you will be proclaimed guilty for World War I, World War II. …I only wonder what needs to happen to a Serb for him to open his eyes?“

” … Adopting such a document against a people who were the biggest victim of genocide in the history of Europe, and while nobody over there cares about it, is really an intolerable injustice. “

“A half-truth is worse than a lie! Srebrenica and its surrounding, where during three years of war, an almost equal number of Serbs and Muslims were killed. …The greatest injustice is that there are more and less valuable victims of war. The EU has shown by this that it treats Serbs as inferior beings. “

“ … During World War II, the EU was a quisling product of Hitler. Serbs were the only ones who suffered the genocide of that quisling Europe and the only ones who gave real resistance to the Nazi and quisling mob of soldiers. They paid a high price. Europe wants to hide its shame once and for all. “

“Questions for those who ’know’ that a war crime was committed in Srebrenica: how do you ’know’ that a war crime happened in Srebrenica? Is it because that sentence was repeated thousands of times on TV and in the papers or is it because you sat in a commission for determining the truth about Srebrenica?“

”If the Serbian government, despite of all the misfortune that came to us from European states of catholic-protestant heritage, and now this diabolically hypocritical decisions in which those ’Europeans’ teamed up with Muslim interests, carries on and takes Serbia into that misfortunate Union, then the Serbian people and its state will finally deserve to disappear from the map of the world. “

“A splendid idea. Let’s proclaim a CENTURY of genocide over Serbs!!! Fight FOR your own truth, and not against their propaganda (do not waste time on them)…“

“… Yes, it’s true, this is an anti-Serbian conspiracy, just like the Hague Tribunal. I can only agree with the opinion of Mrs. Avramov : ’There were crimes on all sides, but genocide was committed only against the Serbian people’.“

”What hypocrisy! And exactly at this moment as we are witnessing genocide in Gaza!?!”

“European hypocrites, what about Jasenovac and over 800,000 Serbs who were killed there?!“

„When in the 11th and 12th century the western crusaders went east to plunder and kill on their way, they said they were going to liberate Christ’s grave from the infidels. They are using the same lies today, even in the case of Srebrenica where just over two thousand Muslims were buried, and 12 years after it happened“.

“To hell with the declaration, who are we supposed to apologize to!… That’s out of the question!”

”’The entire world knows about the 8,000 who were murdered in Srebrenica’. That is the problem, it knows, but it is a number of just over 2000, and when that number is added to all Serbian victims in Srebrenica, Bratunac and the surrounding area, it reaches 8000. The number 8,000 is false. “

“ … Serbs near Srebrenica were massacred which is a crime worse than liquidating, because it involves torture and savageness over a dead body, although both are cold-blooded murders! The West does not want to see that because then the whole image of the war would change which would publicly embarrass them…“

“Esteemed commentators I have read all comments. July 11th …Srebrenica…Bosnian victims! EU and their open bias to everyone who is against Serbs. All known, ancient facts, and not only from 1998/9 to this day! But what I’d like to ask you all: ’WHY ARE SERBS SILENT’??“

“I guess that now the dumbest Serb…realizes that this so-called European Union is just another, new, Fourth REICH. And we know what place is meant for Serbs there. “

“This can no longer seem like a ’great success’ of our diplomacy and politics in general in Serbia, that, wearing a blindfold, wants to join the EU who sees us as a wild genocidal people.“

” …Parliament of Serbia should adopt an adequate document about the condemning of the crime in Srebrenica but also a decision to establish (in agreement with RS) a museum of victims of genocide by NDH, Croatian and Muslim Ustashas.“

“And where are the Serbian victims. Hail to Serbian Innocent Victims.“

“Enough already with the manipulations. If the big and powerful come out with lies, we have to accept them as the truth. There was never an investigation in Srebrenica. That is why the Americans, French and British stored the Srebrenica file and declared it confidential for a period of 35 years.“

“It is interesting that such resolutions are adopted by children and grandchildren of the people who just 60 years ago did the most awful killing on European fronts. Such hypocrisy.“

“They say – a dog doesn’t bark for the sake of the village, it barks for it’s own sake; that is how European cynics want to divert attention from themselves to the victims of all involved sides on the bloody Balkan, which they made possible themselves and rushed it for the sake of their own plan and loot.“

“I think that this ’day of remembrance’ should be IGNORED, because we know what kind of manipulation is standing behind it.“

”I am under the impression – I will be direct and everybody can choose how to interpret it – the demonization continues and they want to immortalize it, so that generations of Europeans forever condemn Serbs. And come to think about it, for centuries they have tried to destroy Serbs and Orthodoxy in this region.“

“I am particularly sad, much more than bitter, to see a Serb woman , who used to be the Speaker of Parliament and acting President of Serbia, rejoice like this at this extremely anti-Serb act.“

“The EU executor with ’brilliant intelligence’ with a Slovenian name and a infinite complex of inferiority so characteristic to many of his compatriots from the puppet midget quasi-state … The EU is slowly entering the harbor of its complete moral, political and historical ruin.“

“I suggest that if there is some domestic organization capable of it, it does the same with Serbian victims – write it down and then go public with all the material. Who will document it and do so in the most realistic way – someone who is not partial to Muslims, Croats, Albanians and Serbs. Who?“

“USA and EU again straighten their relationship with the Muslims using Serbs; this now is a form of compensation for the silence about Palestine. I am really curious about what they’ll be doing to us once they attack Iran“.

“A census should be carried made in BiH and then it would be clear how many citizens of which nationality were killed in Bosnia. However, the Muslims are still refusing that. “

“Genocide? Which responsible commander would allow armed enemy criminals to break into the hinterland of his people? …Patriots should be supported and celebrated!“

“EU and NATO want to cause new confrontations. Lately, our neighboring countries were coming closer and that doesn’t suit the EU and NATO. That is the only way to understand this move. “

“The first Al-Qaeda training camps in Europe were created in Bosnia when the Bosnian- Muslim army with the help of UN, NATO and America formed a mercenary army to fight against the Serbian people.“

“I am sure that there are honest people in Bosnia and Croatia who will denounce crimes committed by their nationalists.“

“How can you judge somebody (Ratko Mladić), when there was no investigation in Srebrenica? It’s not the same, 8000 or 3000. On one side, soldiers were shot, and nobody knows their number; soldiers who committed unseen crimes, while on the other we have 3000 Serbian civilians, women, children, elders who were killed by those soldiers in a savage manner.“

“When there is an investigation and it gets determined how many people were shot, how many died of natural causes, and how many during combat, and when they find those missing alleged 5000 bodies, only then will I judge; although I see that for some people that is unnecessary and they are fast to judge. There was an accusation that Serbs killed 400,000 Albanians in Kosovo and when everything was over, it came to the number of 2000, on all sides. Srebrenica was manufactured, in order to hide the greatest genocide by the EU and the Americans, which is the expelling and killing of Serbs in Croatia..“

“The biggest culprit for Srebrenica is the EU!“

“A question for Politika – If you asked the Youth Initiative for Human Rights for their opinion, why didn’t you address, say, OBRAZ or some other conservative NGO, as well?“

“Never in the EU!“

“Srebrenica was politicized to the fullest. There are many indications that the number 8,000 is exaggerated. … We should understand that the EU will never listen to our side of the story. Not in a thousand years. The Srebrenica myth is already formed. And that is the EU we are rushing to. Without me, please. “

“…Do you expect Serbs to be sad that more Muslims than Serbs were killed??? What happened was terrible enough, but with all due respect to some of (their) innocent victims, I prefer my own people“.

“Now we should really reevaluate the work of our diplomacy and the justification of joining the European Union in these circumstances – of course, except if we are masochists or if… they are sadists… This is terrible, we are surrounded with the European Union from all sides and we don’t have an EXIT to the sea coast which represents international territory and the road to any other country anywhere which also has coastal EXIT, so we are forced to maintain relations with them. That is why our diplomacy had to react, instead of helping them in the humiliations. The army has to be immediately ordered to go to the borders and smash all the power lines and let them play Europe as much as they like!!! … And what happened to the right to retaliation? Israel has it, since it explained its situation; what about us?“

“I cannot believe! Not even the Germans with their mass factories of death, not even Croats with the cruelest death camps, weren’t branded like this! And even when the real truth about the events in the Balkan comes to light in 50 or 100 years, the myth of the Serbs as a criminal people is not going to be erased! My pride and faith in the victory of truth is slowly being taken over by deep sadness…“.


“ … Present initiatives by Jelko Kacin (that third-rate idiot and frustrated Slovenian) whom the Slovenians themselves cannot stand, so they sent him away to the EU, are not a surprise. It is an assignment he received in the EU which he has to fulfill. Everything else is a farce for idiots. …Srebrenica is OK!“

“Srebrenica has not yet been forensically and judicially processed, and this day of remembrance of an unclear number of victims is pure politics of playing up to Arabian oil suppliers“.

“This is what it’s called. Kravice, Bratunac and so on, are only some of the places where terrible crimes against Serbs were committed. Committed by Muslim neighbors, the same Muslims the whole Europe should now remember. …What about the Sarajevo Serbs? That’s the biggest genocide that happened on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Where are the 200,000 Sarajevo Serbs? Killed and spread all over.“

“Mr. Jelko Kacin was a living participant in the events in Slovenia in 1991. He doesn’t have the moral right to make this kind of motion until all crimes against the Serbian people in Slovenia (not only against members of JNA) come to light. Serbia would have to, if it is a state, thank him for his previous incorrect work as rapporteur and declare him ’persona non grata’. “

“Doris Pack equals the Germans’ crimes in World War II with the crimes in the Balkan; that just isn’t normal. Not a word about crimes against Serbs. Europe is washing its hands from the Yugoslav wars, but they have gotten so dirty in those wars that it is impossible to wash them.“

“Kacin’s speech … I see it as a faithful copy of the picture of Hitler stroking the cheek of a young boy, preparing to send him to the front (death)…“.

“Germany is denazified but it had a major role in the destroying of Yugoslavia. Srebrenica is a horrible consequence of that destruction. And all surrounding villages whose killed inhabitants Europe, led by Germany, does not wish see. That is why they need only one culprit…“

“The decision by EU wasn’t adopted without reason. Srebrenica played a special role in the political program of the West in tearing Yugoslavia apart. In the way of a full realization of USA and NATO states’ war goals, there still remains the final solution of the status of Kosovo and Metohija and removing the last ’foreign body’ from the ’healthy’ NATO mass – Republic of Srpska… The unexpected rise of Russia was more than compensated with October 5th 2000 in Serbia.“

“We do not see the EP as a kindergarten where in the shape of resolutions, postcards with everyone’s wishes are handed out, but a body which clearly articulates its guidelines, primarily based on credible facts and adequate implementation of law.“

“It is against EU’s interests that the peoples of Balkan get closer because if they had that intention, the EU would have helped this in Kosovo and Metohija since they are the masters there. It is their plan to quickly destroy every previous step in the reconciliation with the ’Day of Remembrance’. Who didn’t believe that before, now has completely clear evidence.“

“The previous century was the century of genocide against Serbs! Does anyone think differently????“

“Serbian army fought against notorious criminals and butchers who came from different sides and joined the freak of a man Naser Oric . Those criminals were mostly liquidated during combat, and there was a large number of those who had to hold up their hands and surrender. Who could have stopped the Serbian soldiers from executing the murderers of their loved ones, after they recognized them; but they didn’t torture any of those villains or take out their eyes while still alive or burn them alive, like it was done by Naser Oric and his hangmen. When this all adds up, maybe 1,500 notorious criminals died in Srebrenica…“

“…This decision by the EP and EU was inspired by cheap politics, not a true and sincere desire to prevent crimes from being forgotten. If there had been such a desire, then there would be a commemoration of all victims of this crazy and bloody civil war which raged on the territory of SFRY and destroyed it under the direct patronage and full logistic support of those who now adopted the controversial decision. What are they achieving by that? Covering up their own crimes and guilt for the breakup of SFRY and Serbia, which is still ongoing, culminating with theft and robbery of territory….“

“It is a big mistake, and very naive of course, to attribute J. Kacin’s low blow to his dirty conscience, because that would be a unknown concept to him and probably the majority of his people. J.K. simply, besides not liking Serbs, in a most dishonest (though extremely clever) way uses the general persecution of Serbs to score points for his career in the EU. He knew very well that the EU would accept with open arms such an initiative because it helps the hypothesis about the ’legitimacy’ of the bombing of Serbia – a crime which they are trying to cover up also by such initiatives from the Slovenian kitchen.“

“Bosnians! When Germany, Croatia and Italy recognize the 750,000 killed Serbs, Jews and roma , we will recognize you, as well!“

“[The crime in Srebrenica] has a strong competition in Walker’s shameful deception and causing of a real genocidal outburst over a people and a country, as well as sanctions which are the product of international solidarity with deception and killing of his own people by Izetbegovic at Merkale. Those, Mr. Dragan, are to me the biggest and hardest crimes against a people and country, along with ’Oluja’ and ’Bljesak’. Certainly, for every family, the biggest crime is the one that takes away their loved ones.“

Readers’ comments in a reputed pro-government daily such as Politika best illustrate the vicious circle Serbia finds herself as a result of political elite’s systematic and stubborn refusal to denounce the war crimes committed under Milošević. It is by means of designing artificial political symmetry between the Srebrenica genocide and crimes committed against Serbs that the political elite has adopted a pattern which increasingly draws it away from distancing itself from the crimes committed in the name of the Serbian people. A majority of Serbia’s population is thus induced to consider that arresting Ratko Mladić and bringing him to justice equals treason of national and patriotic interests.


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