GUIDE TO ECONOMIC PENAL PROCEEDINGS: misdemeanors and economic offenses


The aim of this Guide is to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises become familiar with legal proceedings and provide answers to the questions they may have before addressing the court regarding misdemeanors and economic offenses. It enables them to have a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the judicial processes before entering the proceedings. The Guide contains basic information about proceedings before the misdemeanor and commercial courts in Serbia; details about the costs of legal proceedings; key information and guidelines, as well as relevant templates.

The content and topics covered in the Guide were defined based on extensive consultations with representatives of the business and legal community, as well as the needs of the broader target audience. The Guide does not cover all topics that may be of interest to some micro, small, and medium enterprises. Additional topics may be included in future, considering the needs of the target audience.

The Guide uses simple legal language and a conversational style, addressing micro, small, and medium enterprises in the context of misdemeanors and economic offenses.

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