Empowering Legal Clinics for the Anticorruption Trial Monitoring


Project Title: Empowering Legal Clinics for the Anticorruption Trial Monitoring

Duration: February 2016 – December 2016

Donor: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe – OSCE 

About the project: The Project will contribute to advancement of the rule of law in Serbia, particularly to its criminal justice system and the comprehensive fight against corruption through building a sustainable national anticorruption trial monitoring student network.

Monitoring trials for cases with the corruptive elements should motivate the ones who have the responsibility to detect, prosecute, trail and punish these corruptive deeds to deal with these cases more effectively. With the exchange of knowledge between CSO lawyers and activist experienced in conducting the monitoring and the law clinics, students who are already involved in the work of legal clinics are going to get the practical experience in the courtrooms, but also gain observing skills as well as to conduct case analysis. This is the opportunity for students to deepen their substantive legal knowledge, strengthen their lawyering skills, and build their professional identities.

The project will last for 10 months with the objective to increase the monitoring capacities of legal clinics through training and mentoring.


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