Combating discrimination on all grounds education system in Serbia


Combating discrimination on all grounds education system in Serbia

Duration: July, 2011 – July, 2012

Donor: European Commission

European Commission

The project consists of three main components:
1. Trainings and workshops for Educational Inspectors, Educational Advisors and pupils
2. Research, analyses of the situation and assistance in the preparation and analysis of by-law in this area, and
3. Legal aid


The research determined the incidence rate of cases of discrimination in schools in Serbia. YUCOM and BHCR made research and analysis of the present condition in Serbia, and explored practises and mechanisms of the EU countries. Working groups were established, in order to exchange information and experiences on the state of the practice and discrimination in the country, coordinate activities and enhance cooperation in general.

YUCOM and BCHR has been preparing two manuals:

1. The Educational Inspectors, Educational Advisors and school administration is produced after initial research and findings and contains mechanisms against discrimination as set in the Constitution, laws, existing bylaws and international documents that are useful for the daily work of those two target groups.

2. Manual for children, parents and general public: This manual provides detailed information on each of the stages in the claims process, but on basic and easily understandable level. It consists of: 1. basic discrimination cases, explanations and examples, and 2. step-by-step fight against discrimination using existing mechanisms of Educational Inspectors and Educational Assistants.

In order to raise the awareness level of the problems of discrimination and promote efficient implementation of the anti discrimination mechanisms, three types of training/educational activities will take place:
1. organized workshops for third grade high school students from 10 cities;
2. training sessions for educational inspectors and educational advisors as one of the key target groups which will be held in 5 cities; and
3. informative sessions for parents and school administration, including teachers, principles and school psychologist.

Legal cases
YUCOM’s legal aid takes cases of discrimination in schools and educational system. During implementation of this activity existing call center has been used: 0700 / 400 – 700

Assistance in the process of drafting bylaw
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human and Minority Rights have announced the process of drafting bylaw on discrimination in schools. YUCOM and BHCR gave their comments and analyzed existing Draft of bylaw.

The final conference will be organized at which activities undertaken by the project and results achieved will be presented. The strategic cases will be promoted during and manuals will be distributed to attendees. The conference will be covered by a number of media representatives which will contribute to raising awareness level among the citizens on possibility of combating discrimination and, thus, taking a more active and direct role in promoting tolerance in the society in general.


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