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Serbian lawmakers have adopted a long-awaited law they say will shed light on the mystery of hundreds of missing babies more than 30 years ago, and offer compensation to parents where the fate of their child cannot be determined.

In the 1970s and 1980s, hundreds of Serbian babies (some advocates say thousands) mysteriously vanished from hospitals and birth clinics with no explanation or proof of death.

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Serbia has drawn criticism for sentencing three Albanians who wrote the Kosovo Liberation Army’s initials on snow-covered cars to 55 days in prison.

Human rights activists have criticised as excessive the 55-day sentences handed down to three ethnic Albanians by the Belgrade Misdemeanours Court for drawing the Kosovo Liberation Army’s initials in snow on several automobiles in the Serbian capital.

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During a rare engagement between the Council of Europe’s decision-making body and civil society, human rights defenders and the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights highlighted the need to support human rights defenders and raise awareness of their work in society.

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Political T-shirts promoting nationalist ideas, glorifying war criminals and celebrating right-wing leaders from World War II are widely available in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

When a nationalist T-shirt shop and online store in the Croatian city of Split wanted to celebrate the World War II fascist Ustasa movement without getting into trouble with the authorities, it came up with a novel idea.

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Serbian judiciary associations have criticised the proposed amendments to the Serbian constitution which the Justice Ministry published on Tuesday, saying that the changes were only cosmetic and and not in line with most of the recommendations made by the Venice Commission.

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