Antidiscrimination mechanisms in practice


Project: Antidiscrimination mechanisms in practice

Duration: April 2012 – December 2012

Donor: This project is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

About the project: The project objective is the litigation of strategic cases and monitoring the implementation of anti-discrimination mechanisms in specific cases, refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees based on readmission and Roma. It is the continuation of activities in line with the findings of previously realized project, which showed a strong need of members of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups for more support and consistent monitoring of the implementation of anti-discrimination mechanisms. Also, it appears that there are still laws and regulations that prevent members of the aforementioned social groups to enjoy their fundamental rights – which requires testing their legality and constitutionality. YUCOM’s legal team came to the conclusion that many of these rights are directly related to the right to adequate housing.

This project is contributing to the full enjoyment of the rights provided by the 2009 Anti-Discriminatory Act to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) and subjects of readmission and socially disadvantaged persons, and, thus, supports the forming of effective mechanisms for combating discrimination, with the special focus on the Roma population.

Activities through which the project was conducted:

1. Call center maintaining as a functional tool for gathering cases for litigation;
2. Process of identification of clients for strategic litigation and launch of strategic cases;
3. Filing the motions for assessing the constitutionality or legality of general acts;
4. Organization of 3 focus groups with specific outputs delivered to media;
5. Research and analysis;
6. Publicity activities;
7. Final press conference.

Please download our annual report for 2013 in order to leran more about this project.


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