Mesečna arhiva: October, 2022

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Crisis situations require a focused, reactive approach. The two-year epidemiology and safety crisis and the gravest crisis of the democratic Parliament (which is supposed to bring Serbia closer to the European Union) thus far forced the YUCOM team to pay closer attention to and intervene in the work of all branches of government.


Press releases

Given the recent EU reports and developments on the ground, we the undersigned are concerned about the impact of a lack of progress in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue on local communities in Serbia and Kosovo. It is people on the ground who suffer most from the persistence of tensions and mistrust. All sides must therefore desist from inflammatory rhetoric that harms and damages relations within and between communities. The scope for ambiguities must be reduced through transparency and accountability. All citizens must be clear about what has been agreed to, whilst the process of dialogue itself must be brought closer to the very citizens affected by it.