Mesečna arhiva: October, 2021

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We express our solidarity with the Women in Black and we invite everyone who wants and can to come and join us for the cleaning of hate graffiti on Wednesday, October 27, from 1 pm at the premises of Women in Black (Jug Bogdanova 18) in Belgrade.

We call for urgent prosecution of persons who wrote hate graffiti and insults on the premises of Women in Black in Belgrade on the night between Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23, 2021. Moreover, we consider the condemnation of the attack by the representatives of the executive and legislative authorities necessary since the members of the ruling coalition as well as the pro-government media often slandered this organization and its members as traitors.

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Organizations gathered around the “Three Freedoms” platform caution the National Assembly and the Serbian public that the Law on Protection against Noise in the Environment, adopted yesterday in the parliamentary procedure, is not in compliance with the Law on Public Assembly and international standards governing the right to freedom of assembly. At a time when a large number of public debates are taking place in Serbia on changes to the laws that affect the rule of law and human rights, leaving a very short deadline for analyzing regulations and sending comments, the Serbian government’s proposal restricting the right to public assembly went almost unnoticed.