Mesečna arhiva: September, 2021

Focus ustav

Civil society organizations drew the attention of the Venice Commission delegation representatives to the fact that, when giving an opinion on the draft constitutional amendments concerning the judiciary, it is necessary to consider the state of democratic institutions, and the political context, having in mind that whether the constitutional changes will indeed ensure the independence of the judiciary depends on these two factors.


Solidarity for the Rights of All sol2

The Solidarity for the Rights of All Network presents the Newsletter # 5 on attacks and pressure against activists. The team documents attacks and pressures on the Incident Map through research of publicly available information and interviews with the victims. Since the beginning of 2021, 47 attacks and pressures have been registered on the map, both against those who deal with the protection of human rights, as well as those who found themselves in that role due to their actions and suffered consequences. The Solidarity for the Rights of All Network is led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM, Belgrade Center for Security Policy and the People’s Parliament. In August and September 2021, 18 attacks and pressures were registered.