Mesečna arhiva: March, 2021


After the publication of the new EU enlargement methodology last year, numerous commentators stated that its application to Montenegro and Serbia will not dramatically change the current rules. This was confirmed in the proposal of the European Commission, which reached the media in the region last week. Should the Member States decide to endorse the current proposals, the interim rule of law benchmarks will become a category with an even greater weight in the future, which is notable, but hardly surprising.

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On the occasion of the open call for physical violence by the Member of the National Assembly, Aleksandar Martinović, civil society organizations gathered in National Convention on the European Union working groups for Chapters 23 and 24 and cross-sectoral groups for political criteria and freedom of expression and the media demand a reaction from the President of the National Assembly from the position of Chairman of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues.


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Report No. 2 on the implementation and effects of the Justice Agreement “Integration of Judiciary in the Judicial System of Kosovo in the context of European Integration and dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina” is the result of a research which the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM conducted in the period April 2019 – December 2020. In addition to findings on how the agreement was implemented and integration of Serbian judiciary into Kosovo’s institutions started, this report shows the current state how integrated judicial institutions have been working within three years of Agreement’s implementation. Based on the findings of the first report, the second report specifically interprets involvement of Serbian courts in achieving access to justice for citizens living or exercising rights in Kosovo. The findings show whether and to what extent access to justice for citizens of northern Kosovo has been improved.