Mesečna arhiva: August, 2020

New editions yucom anual report

Not much time has passed according to the calendar since February 2019, when we presented our last annual report. That is just over 450 days. According to measuring of time by YUCOM, that includes 21 printed publications, 9 of which printed in 39,000 copies, 419,405 citizens reached by our text “What does the introduction of a state of emergency mean for the people in Serbia?”, strengthening of our team by 2 new lawyers, who, together with the rest of our legal staff have provided legal advice and information to citizens in 995 instances.

Focus cs for citizens

What is the importance of civil society?
How does civil society participate in the policy-making process?
What is our contribution to promoting the rule of law and protecting human rights?

These are just some of the questions you can find answers to in the video messages of the representatives of the domestic and international public.

Focus restriction

The pandemic of virus COVID-19 is one of the biggest global pandemics in the modern times, and based on the data of the World Health Organization, until July 1, 2020, there were 10,321,689 infected individuals, and 507,435 persons were deceased.

This report presents the findings of the series of the activities recognized as necessary by the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights in the response to the crisis caused by the epidemic of virus COVID – 19.