Open Letter by the CURE Campaign to the Council of Europe

CURE condemns in the strongest terms possible the outrageous military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. It is the most brazen violation of international law and the principles and norms of the Council of Europe. We are appalled by numerous reports about bombing of and shelling at civilian buildings by Russian troops, the use of indiscriminate weapons, killing of civilians and other violations of international humanitarian law and human rights.



What kind of punishment awaits a tennis player in Serbia for violating isolation measures

Medical documents released by his team during a court battle in Australia show that Djokovic tested positive for the corona virus on December 16.

However, on that day, as in the next two, he was seen in public several times, although he should be in isolation.

“It is a criminal offense, under Article 248 of the Criminal Procedure Code, for which either a fine or up to three years in prison is envisaged,” Dragisa Calic of the Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights (Yukom) told the BBC in Serbian.

Until the moment the text was published, the Institute for Public Health “Trampoline” did not answer the BBC’s questions in Serbian about when Djokovic was given a positive test for the corona virus.

Press releases

The victory of solidarity and the right to freedom of assembly over institutional retaliation

We welcome the final verdict acquitting Srdjan Vukša, an activist accused of violating the Law on Public Assembly, on the occasion of organizing last year’s protests in Serbia.  The end of 2021 was marked by civil protests, which were attended by tens of thousands of citizens who wanted to express dissatisfaction with the Law on Expropriation, as well as laws that would limit their right to participate in public policy directly – the Laws on Referendum and the People’s Initiative.



Developing and Disseminating A Self-Representation Guide for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs)

YUCOM will be responsible for developing and disseminating a Guide for MSMEs who are self-represented (the Guide). The objective of the Guide is to familiarize MSMEs with judicial processes and provide answers to questions that MSMEs might have before going to court, thus enabling them to understand the judicial processes more realistically and comprehensively before deciding whether to litigate. The target audience of the Guide are MSMEs. The Guide will include: i) basic information on courts in Serbia; ii) information on the costs of court procedures; iii) key information and guidelines for plaintiffs; iv) key information and guidelines for defendants; and v) relevant templates, such as templates for complaints and responses to a complaint.