Training for the Monitoring of National War Crimes Trials


Representatives of the Humanitarian Law Fund, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and YUCOM are attending seminars that aim to achieve the highest level of expertise in monitoring and reporting of the trial for war crimes before the Special War Crimes Department of the High Court in Belgrade. The trainings are organized by the OSCE Mission to Serbia and supported by the European Union.

The Introductory seminar took place from 28-29. August 2014. It was led by Prof. Dr. Fausto Pocar who is one of the most experienced judges of the ICTY in the field of international criminal law. He introduced the concept of individual and command responsibility for war crimes through case studies that have been initiated by the prosecution for war crimes.

Understanding the terms is one of the key elements in monitoring the trial because it is a precondition for the analysis of the work of all actors in the criminal process, especially for the seperate analysis of the work of the prosecution and the judiciary. Moreover, this process can enable non-governmental organizations to get to know the necessary legal provisions that must be incorporated into national legal systems. Also that would help the Serbian judiciary to continue working on the prosecution of war crimes which will soon be terminated by the ICTY.


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