Support to Women’s Human Rights in Western Balkans



This was a regional project, where leading partner was HOM (Humanist Committee on Human Rights) from Utrecht, The Netherlands and as project partners have participated 14 NGOs from Serbia (3), Montenegro (2), FYROM (2), Albania (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3), Croatia (2). These countries were area of project implementation. The main focus of the project was domestic violence. Project was dealing only with domestic violence against women (including young girls from 15 and older). Project was supported by HIVOS and PSO.

The overall goal of the project was to empower civil sector organization to raise awareness on existing international standards and tools of government and civil sector stakeholders in their country and to initiate stronger national actions in prevention and combat of domestic violence, as well as in protection of domestic violence victims.

LOCATION OF THE ACTION: Belgrade, Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


The main results of the project were:

• 6 national in-depth studies on domestic violence giving overview on relevant national legislation, on factual situation in the country related domestic violenence and activities of national NGOs in this area. These studies gave analysis of government and NGOs approach to problem of domestic violence and level of international standards implementation. All studies are published in national languages.

• Recommendations both for government and civil sector stakeholders how to improve their work and more efficiently combat and prevent domestic violence are done in national level (based on national studies and standards deriving from relevant international treaties).

• 1 regional study on domestic violence with comparative overview on situation in region (based on national studies). This study will be published in October 2006, in English, BCS, Albanian and Macedonian languages.


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