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Milan Antonijević was born on September 24th 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia. he graduated at the Law Faculty at Belgrade University, and holds a MA degree of a section for International Law. As a UK Foreign Office Chevening Scholar attended Peace Studies at University of Bradford, with a thesis Using Democracy for Peace in Serbia (2009 – 2010). Since 2001 works in Lawyers Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM, where he elected for director 2005, and is currently on that position. Through the Deputy Prime Minister’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Implementation Focal Point as independent expert worked on drafting set of laws on educational system within the Ministry of Education (laws adopted in 2009) and Law on Social Welfare (adopted in 2010). Worked as a consultant on Impunity Watch project conducted in Serbia and Guatemala (2007 to 2009), OSCE (2008 – present), World Bank (2014) and many others international and domestic institutions.

He is a member of the Bar Association of Serbia (2006 – 2010) within the office of BiljanaKovacevic-Vuco and founder and board member of the Human Rights House in Serbia (2011-present) and Slavko Curuvija Foundation (2013-present).

Milan Antonijevic is an active promoter of human rights in Serbia and started his engagement on Human Rights on the Law Faculty in 1996. After finishing the Training for Future Human Rights Lecturers organised by the Belgrade Canter for Human Rights in 1999 volunteered in the Youth Group of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights (member of Balkan Youth Group) promoting tolerance between young people in Balkan region, human rights respect and reconciliation.

Some of the activities from the extensive biography are: Coordinator of the Coalition for Free Access to Information since 2009, member of the Human Rights board of the Social Democratic League of Vojvodina as non-partisan member (2008 till 2012) and Democratic Party (2013) and member of numerous regional and international coalitions. In the last ten years participated in numerous national and international seminars and conferences on different human rights and related topics and was engaged in various legal aid and human rights and democratization related projects. Among others he worked on Legal Aid to Victims of Political, Ethnic and Religious Discrimination, Human Rights Defenders, Hate Speech, Hate crime, Sexual Crimes, Conscientious Objectors and Deserters in Serbia and Montenegro, Strategic Litigation of Cases before International Bodies – European Court for Human Rights and UN Committee for Human Rights, Security Sector Reform, Legal Status of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations, the Hague Tribunal, issues related to war crimes trials in Serbia, Opening Secret files, reinforcement of legal aspect of the missing persons in Serbia and Kosovo, Human Rights Resource Centers, etc. He holds lectures and training’s on Judicial Academy (2013-present), Association of Prosecutors (2014), Human Rights School organized by Belgrade Center for Human Rights (2012-present) and many others. Within YUCOMs team wrote segments of the shadow reports to OHCHR and other UN human rights bodies, UPR, OSCE and Council of Europe.

Currently coordinates regional project on discrimination and Coalition Step, with special focus to LGBT rights and gender in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo. He monitored and wrote reports on referendum in Montenegro in 2006 and holds certificate for election Long Term Observer issued by OSCE (2013). Wrote comparative reports on minority issues, equal access to court system, Freedom of Assembly, Access to Justice, trials before Special Court for War Crimes in Belgrade, Special Court for Organized Crime in Belgrade, and District Courts in Serbia and many others. Editor of the monthly bilingual (Serbian and English) bulletin on human rights (2009-2011), worked within the team of editors of the edition Public against secrecy. Published numerous expert articles and gave interviews to domestic and international media on legal aspects and human rights protection and democratization processes in Serbia and the region. He is writer and co writer of publications dealing with human and minority rights, access to justice,free legal aid, discrimination, independent institutions, hate speech, hate crime and many others published by YUCOM, Center for Peace Studies Zagreb, Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Association of Prosecutors of Serbia, Center for Advanced Legal Studies and others. Also, on behalf of YUCOM, he coordinate on National Convention of the EU for Chapter 23. Holds a Certificate of Award issued by Freedom House Washington in 2003. He speaks English and French, uses the Hungarian language.



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