Partnership for protection of Human Rights (More Effective Judicial Cooperation with Civil Society)


Duration: March 2013 to February 2014

Sponsor: Open Society Foundation, Serbia

About the project: the project “Partnership for protection of Human” is being implemented by the National Association of Public Prosecutors and Lawyers’ Committee for Human Fights (YUCOM)

Project’s objective: Establishing the more responsible judiciary system and improving the capacities of public prosecution in their application of national legislation concerning criminal law protection of human rights as well as the international human rights standards with the aim in increasing citizens’ trust in judiciary system.

Project activities:

• On-field research on how public prosecution offices apply criminal law standards in protecting human rights in Serbia

• Set of round tables with public prosecutors and other representatives of judiciary, government and civil society

• Creating the web site “Public Prosecution and the Protection of Human Rights”

• Advocacy on capacity building of the Judicial Academy

• International cooperation (with IAP – International Association of Prosecutors)

• Publishing the results of the research in new issue of the Prosecutorial word magazine


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