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The research “Social Services and Migration: integration and coherence between the actors in the provision of better services for the refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia” was implemented in the period from January to December 2016 in a dramatic turn of events in view of the waves of refugees from the East to the West.

In the course of 2015, the refugee crisis was in the focus of political and media reports. The suffering, the chaos and the pain of the refugees was televised in all homes. It tested the humane and the xenophobic capacities of the local people who were mostly worried about the safety of their homes. What if they stay? This was often heard in the debates and on the sidelines, as if everybody had forgotten about the crises after the collapse of Yugoslavia or the Kosovo crisis

and the countries that were major migrant destinations that allowed the naturalization of more than 300,000 refugees therein (in the case of Serbia and Macedonia).

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