Civil Society Networking on Critical Human Rights Values in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo


– Coalition for Equality Step –

Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights – YUCOM with seven other civil society organizations (Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, CHRIS Network, the Center for Civic Education, Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo, Gay Straight Alliance, LGBT Forum Progress and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo) conducted Networking project of civil society organizations on human rights violations in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo and established regional Coalition for Equality Step.

The project is supported by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia.

Objective: Support to civil society organizations in addressing common challenges in the field of human rights, with a special focus on LGBT rights, women’s participation in political life and trials for discrimination.

Duration: October 2012 – October 2014

Location: Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo

The project consists of a series of activities:

– Increasing the capacity of civil society organizations through presentations and training seminars on human rights of LGBT people, women’s participation in political life and trials of discrimination, as well as the possibilities of establishing new civil society organizations and the preparation and implementation of projects.

Issuance of a trilingual brochure on these topics

– Monitoring of discrimination

– Advocacy and preparation of guidelines on improving the situation of LGBT people, women’s participation in political life and trials of discrimination

– Raising public awareness about these endangered human rights through media appearances and the establishment of three call centers in which citizens will be able to report cases of human rights violations

– Vacancy announcement and awarding of grants to the newly established civil society organizations

– Creation of three final regional conference in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo


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