Change the Constitution On-line and Off-line


Project title: Change the Constitution On-line and Off-line
Duration: March 2013 – December 2013
Donor: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)


About the project: The overall objective of the project “Change the constitution on-line and off-line” is to set the stage for amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia that deepen formal and actual commitment to human rights and freedoms, in line with international human rights, freedoms and democracy standards and EU directives.

This project will aim to: (1) Use modern technologies and social networks to further advocate and gain support for the initiative of Constitutional Changes, (2) Identify and document main human rights, freedoms and democracy-related flaws in the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia against international standards and the implementation or lack thereof of adopted solutions, (3) Strengthen argumentation of CSO advocacy, leading to constitutional changes in line with CSO priorities agreed upon through a participatory consultation process facilitated by YUCOM and based on YUCOM analysis, (4) Build government’s and political parties’ support for amendments in the Constitution in line with CSO advocacy priorities, (5) Establishing the project database and website.


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