Projects ISC

Project title: Strengthening citizens in realizing the right to Free Access to Information and Data Protection through public Advocacy for adoption of the amendment to the FOIA and the Law on Classified Information
Duration: September 29, 2009- August 29, 2010
Donor: Institute for Sustainable Comminuties – ISC

Projects ger

Project title: CAMPAIGN TO PROMOTE TOLERANCE AND STOP RACISM that will comprise promotion of measures and practices needed to be introduced by state organs in order to fight discrimination against ethnic minorities and refugees, discrimination based on the ground such of sex, race, colour, social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation

Duration of the project: year 2006

Donors: German Government, through German Embassy in Belgrade

Projects HOM

This was a regional project, where leading partner was HOM (Humanist Committee on Human Rights) from Utrecht, The Netherlands and as project partners have participated 14 NGOs from Serbia (3), Montenegro (2), FYROM (2), Albania (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3), Croatia (2). These countries were area of project implementation. The main focus of the project was domestic violence. Project was dealing only with domestic violence against women (including young girls from 15 and older). Project was supported by HIVOS and PSO.

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