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On January 15th 2016 a team consisting of Momcilo Zivadinovic and Ana J. Jovanovic, along with an interpreter for Arabic, visited the Adasevci shelter for refugees and migrants in Sid.

At the time of our visit the center was also host to Alaksandar Vulin, minister of labor in the Government of Serbia, Michel Sen Lot, UNICEF representative, Michael Devenport, chief of the EU delegation in Serbia, as well as Hristos Stilijanides, EU commissioner for humanitarian aid and management of emergency situations, on the occasion of the opening of the new mother-child section at the shelter, where infants can be changed and fed which also features a games room for the children of the refugees/migrants.

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The policy goal of the project is to provide institutional analysis of services directed toward refugees, migrants and asylum seekers assessing their integration, coherence and complementarities with local partners, in order to facilitate systemic changes enabling positive outcomes of migration.

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The focus of this project will be on monitoring formal and informal gathering places of refugees/migrants in Serbia and providing them with information on their rights and obligations. This will be achieved by making often visits to those places, conducting interviews with refugees/migrants as well as with relevant stakeholders and CSOs. Experiences gained during the project will be reflected in a final project report with recommendations for the improvement of the status and the treatment of refugees/migrants in Serbia.

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