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The overall object of the Action is enhancing the status and rights of the aggrieved and victims in the criminal proceeding. SO1: Identification of the necessary legal changes in the criminal legal framework/identification of implementation issues; SO2: Networking for the cause of improving the free legal aid provision to victims; SO3: Tracking the implementation of the measures within the Chapter 23 requirements in Serbia/and in strategic documents of judiciary in Kosovo.

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The Lawyers Committee for Human Rights is participating in the monitoring of the representation of Serbia to OSCE with regards to the human aspect of OSCE, with the goal to actively contribute to human security of the citizens of Serbia.

Human aspect refers to the broader concept of security within OSCE which also includes the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic standards.

Reports Y03 - Annual report

Writing of the introduction for YUCOM’s annual report, as well as the introduction to the text which presents the overview of the status of human rights in the year behind us, is placed in the context of the situation in the media and TV programs which were cancelled during previous year, and which have left the mark on the media scene in Serbia.

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The goal of the Free Elections Through Freedom of Assembly project is two-fold: 1) protection of the freedom of assembly in pre-election period as the prerequisite for free, fair and democratic elections through timely education of users, monitoring of pre-election conventions across Serbia by independent monitors, providing legal protection in cases of violence against freedom of assembly, immediate notification of public on dealt infarctions and requests to relevant authorities to take measures against them; 2) after the elections and based on received results, an evaluation of the influence of the new Law will be made, formulating conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of the legislative framework, considering that harmonization with international standards is already envisioned with the Action Plan for Chapter 23.

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With the Law on Ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, it is prescribed that the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture (NPM) conducts visits to institutions where detainees may or may not be held, with the aim of discouraging state bodies and officers from any form of torture or any other form of abuse, as well as directing state bodies towards creating accommodation and other living conditions in institutions that hold detainees that are in line with current regulations and standards.

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