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Close attention in its work YUCOM has dedicated to monitoring and improving the status of vulnerable groups in the Republic of Serbia, principally the status of children and young people, as well as the position of women regarding gender-based violence and discrimination. Therefore, the general objective of the project is to monitor implementation of the recommendations of the UPR, particularly those in regard to protecting women and children from discrimination.

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DRIM’s objective is to enhance the capacity of public institutions for promoting migrants’ economic integration, understood as fair access to employment, work and skills enhancement. The improved capacity of public institutions to respond to the needs of newly arrived as well as resident migrants through effective information sharing.

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The overall object of the Action: the objectives of the action are to contribute to the advancement of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Serbia. More specifically, the objectives are to contribute to the full enjoyment of the rights envisaged in the Constitution of Serbia and expected Law on Free Legal Aid, to promote free legal aid among general population, to exchange experiences from providing free legal aid, and to develop capacities of future providers of free legal aid.

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