Press releases policijska tortura

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights YUCOM evaluate that the prompt reaction of the Ministry of Interior, as well as the arrest of the perpetrators of torture against a Roma in Vršac are a good step towards the reduction of police torture.

What casts a shadow over this case is the fact that the torture happened in 2007, while the reaction occured only after strong public pressure.

Press releases saop

Concerning the taking into custody of Belgzim Kamberi, the Chairman of the Human Rights Board in Bujanovac, we’d like to make an appeal to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Vranje for an immediate termination of the procedure and criminal prosecution of the citizens who point out the violation of human rights and discrimination.

Press releases ratko mladic

Non-Governmental Organizations can ascertain with pleasure that the arrest of Ratko Mladić demonstrated that in Serbia there is enough political will and capacity to put an end to the many-years long hiding of the fugitive of Hague.

Impunity as a principle that we have been watching for years loses its force with the arrest of Ratko Mladić. We can expect that the case of Mladić will finally move from speculations to judicial paths where the concrete responsibility will be determined.