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Milan Antonijevic, president of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, said in a statement today that the acquittal of Vojislav Seselj was unexpected, but that it demonstrates that the Tribunal is not a political court.
“This verdict was unexpected, but when you take into consideration that the trial lasted 13 years, we somehow got to the point at which we can expect just about anything from the Hague Tribunal.

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Over a year has passed since the nationalist’s assault wave on bakeries in Vojvodina, owners of which were mostly Albanians, and the perpetrators haven’t been apprehended and the suspects remain unpunished. According to the research done by the Vojvodina analyst-research center “Voice” only one case resulted in the issuing of corrective measures, while charges in other cases were either refuted or never reached court.

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Former director of the Culture Center in Novi Sad and ex Third Serbia activist Andrej Fajgelj issued a death threat to ombudsman Sasa Jankovic via Twitter.

In his own words, he did this in response to the ombudsman’s opinion that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should be have their children taken away from them.

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An attack on the premises of the House for Human Rights and Democracy (KLJPD) occurred overnight in downtown Belgrade, the organization said on Facebook.

Photographs showing a window broken during the incident was also posted on Friday.

The police investigated the scene, while KLJPD announced they expect the attackers to be foun

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Legal experts say trend towards passing laws in urgent procedure is stifling democratic debate and lowering the quality of legislation

A marked rise in the number of laws passed  in urgent procedure in Serbia and without debate – often under the excuse of EU membership talks – is raising questions about transparency and the quality of legislation.

Milan Antonijevic, from YUCOM – Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights, told BIRN that the number of laws passed in urgent procedures had jumped again in this parliamentary session.

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Interview – Milan Antonijević
Director of the Lawyer’s Commitee for Human Rights, Yucom

The EC Progress Report will be balanced and will deal with the situation in the media and among the defenders of human rights. Journalists have been attacked in the past and that must be the subject od an investigation


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The Triple A partners and several former pilot projects have released a joint statement on the ongoing refugee/migrant crisis:

We, the implementing partners of the project Triple A for citizens, Access to information, advice and Active help, and members of the Triple A network, are deeply concerned by the lack of a common European approach to the current migrant crisis in Europe and by the threat this poses to such founding principles of the Union as solidarity, freedom of movement and protection of human rights.

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After UNESCO decided to look at Kosovo’s membership application – a move that infuriated Serbian officials – experts said that obstacles remain on Pristina’s path to joining the UN’s cultural body.

Kosovo’s second bid to join UNESCO, the result of an official request last week from Albania for the former Serbian province’s admission to UNESCO, is expected to be strongly contested by Belgrade.

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