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A Serbian tour guide company has called off its ’Gypsy Tour’ of Belgrade after being accused of promoting racism.

Belgrade-based tourist company CitySoul has cancelled its planned “Gypsy Tour” of the Serbian capital, which was to include driving to Roma neighbourhoods, seeing how people live there and “optional talking to a Gypsy”, after the tour was accused of racism.

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Serbian experts hope to prove that depleted uranium used in the 1999 NATO bombing poisoned people and to file a series of lawsuits, but legal analysts say they have almost no chance of success.

A team made up of Serbian and foreign lawyers and doctors plans to prepare lawsuits against NATO countries for using depleted uranium during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, but legal experts doubt whether the cases will succeed, Serbian public broadcaster RTS reported on Sunday.

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Courts in Serbia are still sitting on a number of extradition demands, some dating back years, potentially causing concern to the EU.

Serbia’s Justice Ministry told BIRN Belgrade is seeking extradition of 120 person from other countries, while other states seek the extradition of 80 persons from Serbia.


Nacionalni konvent o Evropskoj uniji i predstavnici i predstavnice naučne zajednice i građanskog društva pozivaju Ministarstvo odbrane Republike Srbije da povuče iz procedure usvajanja Predlog Uredbe o oblastima naučnih i drugih istraživanja značajnih za odbranu zemlje i o postupku i uslovima za izdavanje odobrenja za vršenje tih istraživanja zajedno sa stranim licima ili za potrebe stranih lica.

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After more than two years of collecting material the First basic public prosecutor’s office hasn’t found basis to proceed in case of advertised bids of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy, that attempted illegal awarding over two million euros intended for social services, said the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM).

As a reminder, the bidding, which was advertised in 2014 it was canceled after all, due to misuse that a number of civil society organizations indicated to, and the money, instead for social services, was directed to the Children’s Rare Disease Fund.

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The statement of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) specifies that after collecting information, prosecutor’s office concluded that – there is no legal basis for initiating criminal proceedings against any person, for any criminal offense prosecuted ex officio.

In prosecutor’s office it has been said that the submitter of criminal charges, which were rejected by the prosecution’s decision, is entitled to submit a complaint to the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office within the period of eight days.

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