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BELGRADE — Serbia’s interior minister says the Falun Gong activists who attempted to hold a protest during the visit of China’s prime minister have been deported.

Nebojsa Stefanovic told the press on Thursday that they were deported yesterday, after being detained because over attempts to organize a gathering despite the fact the authorities banned all rallies.

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Serbia deported 11 foreigners arrested during the Belgrade visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, officials said Thursday, as Amnesty International expressed concern over the “unlawful” detention of the “rights activists”.

“Falun Gong activists, who tried to hold a protest during the visit of Premier Li Keqiang… were expelled from Serbia,” stated Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic, quoted by state-run Tanjug news agency.

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It aims “to ensure more comprehensive action in the human rights sector through cooperation between local and international civilian society organizations and thus contribute to the democratization of the society,” Tanjug reported.

The House commenced its work thanks to the facilities provided by the City of Belgrade and the support for reconstruction offered by the Norwegian government. It was officially opened on Thursday by Crown Prince of Norway Haakon Magnus.

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The presidents of Serbia and Croatia are sounding a conciliatory tone following their first meeting, and are even floating the idea of dropping genocide lawsuits filed before the International Court of Justice.

Serbia President Tomislav Nikolic, speaking to reporters following the October 16th meeting, said the lawsuits should be stopped for the sake of peaceful relations. Neither side would be satisfied should the issue be played out in court, he said.

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This morning on Radio Belgrade First Program, we spoke about the EU pre-accession screening, the statement of Jelko Kacin, negotiation chapters 23 and 24, visa liberalisation regime and many other issues. Guests in the studio were Nataša Vučković, President of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration, and Milan Antonijević, Director of YUCOM.

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For a couple of days following the acquittals of Croatian Generals Gotovina and Markač and Kosovar KLA units’ leader Haradinaj, various reactions caused turmoil in the region – torrents of bitter statements from the Serbian side and euphoric outbursts in Croatia and Kosovo, respectively. As fierce as the reactions were, officials and the media

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